Small Motorhome

have teamed up with

to offer Small Motorhome members

a special deal on

Romahome R20 Hi or Romahome R20 Lo

with brand new conversion

Howards Citroen have 6 Berlingo Vans ordered that are 2016 models and will have between 15,000 – 30,000 miles on the clock.

They are going to send them to Romahome for conversion to keep their order list full and to also get some newer models out there.

They will be listed for sale for Small Motorhome members for £34,995. Romahome think they should sell for £37,995 so it’s a great saving.

Howards Citroen will also give a full 12 month warranty and they can offer finance at 7.9% Apr which is really good for Motorhomes.

The R20’s will all have:

Heiki roof lights and the Diesel heaters included in that price which as you know are expensive.

Customers can also spec the toilet option for an extra £750.

Customers will also be able to spec what interior fabric they have.

They will also be paying well on part exchanges. This will give Howards Citroen as a dealer some stock but also it’s a way that Small Motorhome members can get an extra perk as well. 

They will include 2 nights camping for free. Lead times will be probably

July/ August for deliveries to customers.

To get your special deal you will need to quote your forum username.

Telephone the showroom on

01823 273420

Don’t delay this is a fantastic deal, first come, first served. 



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