On this page you will find information about the Romahome C15 and links to the following Romahomes: Duo - Dimension - D20 - R10 - R20 - R25 - R30 - R40 - Quartet - Romini Caravan

  • The windows are a very similar style as the 'Outlook'
  • The sink is fixed and stainless steel with cupboard and cutlery drawer underneath.
  • There is no on board waste tank
  • The base vehicle is a Citroen C!5
  • There are pelmets around the inside above the windows which are very useful for storing small items but there are only the two cupboards above the sink and cooker..
  • The base vehicle is very different to drive. 

"Are the brakes an optional extra?!"

Someone once said that they thought the brakes were an 'optional extra' and it is true, they do seem to go down a long, long way before you begin to stop!

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Photos and video were taken with the kind permission of Avon Motor Caravans, Bristol.

Camping in a Romahome C15

We owned our C15 Hytop from 2000 - 2001 unfortunately all our photos of it were lost in a computer crash!

There is really not a lot of difference in camping in a C15 than in a Duo without toilet option.

All the on board features such as fresh water, fridge, cooker, electric, gas lockers, bed making and sink are the same. So read our 'camping in a Duo' while bearing in mind the following main differences:


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