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The Dimension comes with two tables which store at the back of the van between the door and the bathroom. Two table legs are stored in the underfloor storage. These legs simply drop into two purpose made holes in the floor and the table top sits on top allowing you to have either one or two tables between the seats.

"No need to miss the outdoor table!"

Table ............Top Tip!

Do you miss not being able to use your table outside in the summer but don't have room to carry another folding one?

We've tried this idea - place one of the tables on the ground (good idea to use a mat underneath to avoid scratches) put the table leg in the support and then pop the other table on top!

Hey Presto! An outdoor table.

Why not take a tour of our Romahome on You Tube? Simply click the 'Play' Button in the middle of the You Tube video below:

"We all need a comfortable chair for those sunny days!"

We use chairs which fold easily into their own bags, they store lengthways on the luton (over cab area) and are easily accessed for an on the way stop if we don't want to sit in the van. They can either be used as highback chairs or, when you push backwards, the leg support comes up and they become reclining sunloungers. Each has two cup/ bits and bobs pockets in the arms ad a net magazine holder on the back. They are made by MacSport Prestige. We bought ours at Jacksons of Old Arley, a camping shop near Kingsbury Water Park Campsite nr. Tamworth.

The picture show the chair reclined. 

What is it like to camp in a

Romahome Dimension?

Wonderful! Well that's our opinion!

The ease of camping in a Romahome has many people amazed. We quite often arrive on site, turn the gas on and by the time we have got out the chairs, the kettle is boiled and we are sitting down to a nice cuppa.

The usual comment from other campers who are still busy fetching water and setting up, is "Wow, why can't ours be that easy!

It helps to be organised and of course you have to travel light (although we have seen Romahomes carrying microwave ovens before!).


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"Even a choice of bed design"

You can also have a 'U' shaped bed giving more space for your feet but making it easier to get in and out during the night by using just one of the long cushions in the centre.(picture right) It's all a matter of preference - as is whether you use duvets or sleeping bags.

The person sleeping on the drivers side does have the steering wheel at the bottom of the bed. We haven't had any problems with it but you might if you were very tall.


"From driving seat to sofa in a few easy moves!"

The Dimension has four seats each of which has full 3 point seatbelts.

When on site the two front seats turn round and face into the van.

The two front seats have storage underneath for maps, booklets etc.

The two back seats also have storage beneath - one holds the gas bottles in a specially designed locker and the other has a very large lockable storage compartment.

The seats can also be made into 'sofas' by using the cushions as backrests or as loungers for that relaxing evening.

The beds:

The beds are made up using the four seats. 

The headrests are removed and stored in the footwell or on the luton, then the front seats are pushed forward and the back seats recline to make the single beds. There are also 'infill' covers which even out the surface of the seats.

The double is made in the same way except that there are four metal bars which fit across between the seats (picture right) These support the cushions which are put down the down the centre.

Kitchen area and cooking facilities

The Dimension boasts a four ring hob and oven with integral grill.

Hob has lift up glass top and metal splash screen to protect the seat/occupant next to it.

Floor is vinyl covered (although earlier models may be carpeted)

Sink with draining board and hot and cold mixer taps. A wooden chopping board fits over the sink when the sink is not use. One small downside to this board is that It is recommended that it is stored during travelling but there are no suggestions as to where - we can't fit it in any of the cupboards , we've even tried it in the oven but it won't fit there either. It tends to have to be pushed down the sides of the seats

"U shape gives lots of food preparation area"

Another work surface is available if needed. This lifts up from the side wall and clips into the side of the draining board giving a nice large 'U' shape working surface. However, when this is in place you cannot get out of the back door but it does make an ideal serving hatch to pass the food from when eating outside.

A good size fridge with small freezer compartment, bottle storage and cheese/butter holder. This runs on mains and gas on site and battery while travelling.


There is a vast amount of storage space.

7 large top lockers/cupboards in all - 5 run from above the back door all along one side of the van. Then there are two more above the side window.

The 'Luton' area above the cab can hold the larger items.

The gas storage locker beneath one of the seats also has ample room for other bits and pieces. We keep all the things we will need to set up with when arriving on site i.e. water filling hose, electric hook up cable and levellers.

There is a lockable storage compartment under the other seat which is very deep and can hold a large amount of things.

A large area of underfloor storage is ideal for all sorts of smaller items.

The bathroom

The Dimension's bathroom is very well thought out and maximises all the available space.

There is a small cabinet ideal for medicines, toiletries etc

Two full length shelves for keeping bottles, wash bags, towels etc. - Chrome bars keep things from falling off and make excellent towel rails.

Swivel flushing cassette toilet. Wash basin with hot and cold mixer tap.

The tap also doubles as the shower head - a simple twist releases the tap which is then pulled up along with the hose. This is then located into the shower clip. Full size shower curtain prevents water getting onto the door. Floor is also the shower tray and has plug for draining.

Toothbrush holder and cup add the finishing touch.

The all in one moulded design makes it extremely easy to clean with very few troublesome corners to collect dirt and grime, surface wipe clean in an instant.

A high, small window allows for ventilation whilst protecting your modesty!

"Lots of ingenious storage space"

The wardrobe:

The wardrobe should win an award for ingenuity! It is situated between the bathroom and one of the rear seats and slides out when needed. Four shelves and a reasonable amount of hanging space keeps your clothes clean and out of the way.

The wardrobe is not very wide and the bulkiness of the coat hangers at the top can make it hard to close. We use one of those ladder awning rubbers and hang each coat hanger at different levels to distribute the thickness. It makes seeing what clothes are where easier too. If you don't have a ladder rubber an old belt works well too - simply cut off the end with the holes and put the hanger hooks through the holes.

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