The most frequent comment we got when people saw our small Romahome Duo motorhome with just two gas rings and a grill was "bet you get fed up of beans on toast!" Well, I'll have you know that in all the years we've been motor-homing we've never yet had beans on toast! It's surprising just what you can cook with a little practice, patience and imagination.

I'm no Delia so don't expect carefully set out menus or extremely clear instructions! You will have to use your own expertise along with the cooking times because the last thing I want is complaints that someone has had food poisoning because I said "cook for 20 minutes" when in fact it needed 25.

Use common sense, judgement and follow this advice - if it don't look cooked then it probably 'ain't! and you won't go far wrong. I accept no responsibility for any event occuring during trying of these recipes.

What I have here are some of the tried and tested foods we enjoy. As with many things people have varing tastes so it's worth messing about with the ingredients a little, especially herbs and spices, until you find the flavour you like.


"The Double Skillet is a versatile pan!"


These meals have been cooked using just one pan, and a double skillet. Plus in some cases where mentioned - the grill or the barbecue. Or for some there is no, or hardly any, cooking at all.

The double skillet (right) is a pan we bought during a visit to the NEC Birmingham Outdoor Leisure Show some years ago., it's looking a bit worse for wear now but there's lots of life left in it yet!

Made by D & F Products of Norfolk it is one of our essential items. It consists of two non-stick interior pans which can either be used separately or clipped together to form a sort of oven. It also has a pyrex lid which fits both pans. Pans can also be stacked on top of each other to save space and gas. We also bought an optional extra - a trivet which allows you to use the pan to heat pies and pizza without burning their bases.


Below are some cooking ideas kindly shared by Margaret:


"On the cooking side, we have a pan with 2 steamer tops and the pyrex lid.  This means we can cook potatoes with the vegetable(s) above and only use one ring. Similar idea to your double skillet,.


As we only go away for 3 or 4 days at a time, I can take frozen home made soup which keeps in the fridge and is not quite defrosted on the last day.  First day I cook potatoes at home before leaving, wrap them in tinfoil, then cling film and finally bubble wrap and into a small "freezer bag".  These keep warm until we arrive on site and we generally have soup (taken in a flask), and a salad taken with us, also just ready to serve.  This means that as soon as we arrive on site, we do not have to start any cooking, just a case of sit down and serve!


Another handy item for us, I make potato cakes, a larger version of potato scones. Mashed potatoes, add flour, not too much, and I add fresh chives chopped, peppers chopped, grated cheese, seasoning.  I cook lightly on a griddle then freeze when cold.  A very handy addition to any lunch or tea without much cooking.  We sometimes heat them in the grill pan which I line with tin foil, either that or cook with some olive oil in a non stick pan.  Another quick and easy one to save a lot of cooking.


The Skillet can be a double/stacked pan or two pans and pyrex lid or an 'oven'


Click here for a video review of the Double Skillet

Chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, tarragon and paprika sauce

Tuna with Ginger Salsa

Mushroom and Broccoli with garlic and coriander

Salmon and Saffron Rice

Steak and Chips Romahome style!

Seafood Salad

Vegetarian recipe

Pasta Pesto with asparagus and peppers

Chicken Risotto

Vegetarian recipe

Vegetarian recipe

Mushroom or Vegetable Risotto

Quick Tortellini Pasta in a Creamy Sauce

Vegetarian recipe / no cooking

Vegetarian recipe/no cooking

Wheatgerm n' Honey Yogurt

Tirumisu (sweet/pudding)

Smoked Haddock, Mushroom and Prawn Tagliatelle

Marinaded Trout

Tuna with Tomatoes and Black Olives

Home made Curry

Tagliatelle and with ham and sausage

Quick Jambalaya

Sea Bass with Tomato and Chorizo

Seafood Marinara

Salmon in Ginger and Garlic

More recipes can be found on our Food and Recipes Forum www.foodandrecipes/

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