Grand Remoska Electric Mini Oven


This is a review of the Grand Remoska but we would suggest the smaller version for two people camping in a caravan or motorhome because it is quite big. It is also ideal for using in the home.


The Remoska is only available to buy through Lakeland who also sell on Amazon (see link), although you could probably get one second hand too. Although expensive we think they pay for themselves in time by the amount of electricity or gas you can save. It works by heating from above, the heating element is in the lid.


It only has one heat setting but this does not prove a problem to us and we have cooked stews, curries, roast meats and roast vegetables in it. It can also be used for warming up foods. It would be good if it had a thermostat too though, it would make it even more versatile.


The best thing of all is this will save you a fortune in electricity/gas because it can cook anything your main oven can cook at a fraction of the GrandRemoskacost, I have measured it and it uses around a third of the electricity when compared to my oven.


Cakes, bread, stews, curries, casseroles you name it the Remoska will cook it. This review is for the 'grand' which is family sized, however you can get a smaller one called the 'standard'. If you have more than one item you can separate them with aluminum foil, making a little open basket type of thing, the items will then cook in their own liquid or oil. You can add things at different times to ensure they all finish cooking together. It has two sturdy handles so that you can pick it up with ease and the removeable stand protects your work surfaces.


remoskasiliconesOne thing we don't like is that the lid gets very hot indeed and when you have finished cooking or while serving it is hard to know what to do with the lid especially in the small confines of our motorhome. I found that putting it into a square silicone cake mould works the best. (See picture below which is of an old Remoska that we had, but it works just the same on others). The lid fits perfectly inside the cake mould and the side holds it up from resting on the base, therefore air can circulate to cool it down but it is also protecting the sides of the Remoska lid from accidental touches. remoskasiliconestand


The Remoska is ideal for taking away in our motorhome when we have electric hook up which is increasingly the case these days because very often on campsites there is no choice. Cooking in the Remoska whilst on site will save you having to use your gas and whilst you paying for electricity you may as well use it.


See our video review below and click here to see a few things we tried cooking:


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