Our progression to a Romahome was not planned. It happened following a nasty accident when our caravan had a puncture on the motorway and our car and caravan were written off. Thankfully we escaped unhurt but the experience sent us in search of a motorhome. We came across a 1995 Citroen C15 based Romahome which we used as an all purpose vehicle for holidays, everyday and work travelling.

We were hooked and were glad that we had been given the chance to try motorhoming, though we'd have preferred to not have come to them by accident as it were! 

"The R30/Dimension offers the luxury of a bathroom with toilet,

shower and washbasin"

We found that we loved the ease of camping with something so quick to pitch and easy to drive. So after a visit to the National Boat and Caravan Show at the NEC in February 2001 we traded it in for a brand new Romahome Duo. 2003 saw us trade in again for a Romahome Duo with toilet option.

October 2005 saw us take delivery of our Romahome Dimension. The move to a Dimension means we were able to take our grandchildren camping with us. We couldn't with the Duo because there is nowhere for them to sit as we travelled and, although we could have got a Duo Plus with two more seats, we felt that the Dimension, with toilet and shower, seems very tempting. We are happy to report that it is everything we thought it would be and more. In 2015 we upgraded our Dimension to the newer model Romahome R30 which is basically the same conversion and layout on a newer vehicle with a 2.2l engine, we found this gave the vehicle a bit more umph when driving. Regarding the conversion there are a few minor alterations like a sliding door on the bathroom, cassette toilet access through the back doors and smaller table

Everyone loves your Romahome!

In owning a Romahome you have to accept that there will be a great deal of interest in it. Don't be surprised to come back and find people peering in your windows!

We have had people come up to us in supermarket car parks, town car park, RSPB reserves, well the list is endless!

Most people have a genuine fascination for how you can possibly holiday in one and are amazed to see the layout and the facilities on board.

Some talk about "always having wanted a small motor home" and we wonder sometimes if we ought to carry a few Romahome sales leaflets and demand a commission on any sales!

For a long time we were a little perplexed at two small smudge marks that appeared on the back window, no matter how many times we cleaned it off you could guarantee that within a few weeks it would be back.

The riddle was solved one day when I was inside the van and Graham peered inside through the window , as he moved away the unexplained marks could clearly been seem against the light - his forehead and nose had reproduced those exact two smudges - it was our window peerers who were leaving their calling cards!

"The French wonder what the English have done to their beloved Citroen!"

The French in particular stare in wonderment - "what have these English done to one of our beloved Citroens?!!!"

They stop, stare and point as you pass. We've even had them peering in the windows while we are eating - totally unconcerned that we might not want to be perused at that moment!

Our most 'famous' window peerer was a French gentleman who turned our to be the Maire (Mayor) of the town we were visiting - a little fishing port near St. Nazaire,. He was fascinated to see our fridge holding "de biere, du fromage et d'vin'"

"Oooh la la" he exclaimed "un cuiseur et un grand lit?" when he saw the cooker and the bed facilities.

On this page you will find information about the how we came to own a Romahome.

Our History:

First let us introduce you to our Romahome R30. Pictured above.

We have been into camping all our lives and have progressed from Tent camping, to Trailer Tents when the children came along and then, when they grew up and left home, got a small 2 berth Perle caravan followed later by a larger Avondale Kingfisher.


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