The R30 superceded the Dimension around 2007 it is based on the latest model Citreon Relay with a 2.2 ltr engine it is a little longer and the bathroom has a sliding door. Due to the extra length there is longer bed space and slightly different cupboards. The cassette toilet is accessed through the rear doors as opposed to the side of the van.

Here is a review by forum member PeterR30.



ROMAHOME R30 - A review by forum member PeterR30

I started this motorhome lark ten years ago when I was made redundant at 55 years of age thinking perhaps I would not get another job. Not knowing anything much at all about campers we eventually purchased an 18 month old Autosleeper Symbol in 2003. Things did not much go to plan as much to my delight and surprised I was offered a very good job I could not refuse. This thwarted many immediate camper van trips but we were hooked and I had to wait a further four years before I thought the time is right to call it a day from the rat race and retire.


I never did fancy driving a big motorhome and we were pleased with our initial choice of camper although the 1.9 Hdi engine was a tad sluggish. Four years after our initial purchase we opted for 2.2 version of the same model – but boy did those blinds rattle and the furniture squeak whilst driving although it drove like a dream. Also had a few problems with it and in retrospect I think Autosleepers went through a period when quality was compromised.

To cut to the chase eighteen months ago we purchased a (then) year old Romahome R30 after I was impressed with it at the NEC show.

You never get the perfect motorhome they say……Perhaps not as there a few drawbacks with it but all in all we are pleased we purchased the R30.

First the bad points. The beds! Nowhere near as comfortable as our previous two vans and a lot more troublesome to put into the sleeping position when it’s time for a kip. We have opted for using single beds as the infill cushion does not really provide a comfortable double bed. The introduction of two costly Duvalays have sort of provided a comfy bed that is acceptable.

A few things dropped off the interior of the van that really should not after twelve months but Ant at Avon Motor homes sorted them out even though we did not purchase the van from him

The handbook gave wrong instructions in bed making but we eventually worked it out – You have guessed it right that I’m not the most practical man in the world!

The only other fault is that we cannot apply the handbrake with the drivers seat swivelled. We use chocks instead.

The good points. Lovely driving machine. Best so far for me. Lovely design of cupboards and storage pace (even under the floor) and a great slide out wardrobe. The van as you may know is based upon the small wheel base Citroen Relay and when you are inside, it honestly does not feel shorter that our previous medium wheel base Peugeot – that is down to the clever design by Romahome.

We opted for a side wind out awning as we like the concept of it and it came with a reversing camera which I surprisingly find useful (I would not have opted for one if I was buying from new without any previous experience of one)

It’s wider than the Peugeot and for me it looks lovely from the outside and all in all we are very pleased with it.

We went to Austria and Germany last summer without any faults. I filled it up on my return journey soon after we crossed the border at Colmar in France and got home in Devon via Dover on the same tank – cruising at 65 when conditions allowed.

In my opinion it’s merits are the design and all in all the quality is better than our two previous Autosleepers – I just wish the beds were as comfortable !



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