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Romini Caravan

The Romini is a small caravan built by Island Plastics (later to become Romahome Ltd) between 1985 and 1990 it is unfortunately no longer produced. The inside is similar to a normal Romahome C15 but the sleeping arrangement is across the van rather than along the length.

These little vans are ideal for towing with a small car as the gross weight is only 750kg.

Quite a rare thing now, but so interesting we thought it was worth a mention.

The layout inside is well thought out. The seating turns into a double bed, but unlike normal Romahomes or caravans you sleep across the van (Not a recommended purchase if you are over six foot though and like to stretch your legs).

There is a good size 3 way fridge and double burner with grill. Opposite there is a pump tap sink and behind that a hidden full length wardrobe.Under the sink is enough room for a porta potti and plenty of storage under the seating.

It weighs around 375Kg with a gross weight of 750KG.

The bed is about 6 feet across, the whole width of the van and around 41/2 wide at a guess.

There are two Romini Manuals in pdf format to download in our downloads section - Downloads

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