The Romini is a small caravan built by Island Plastics (later to become Romahome Ltd) between 1985 and 1990 it is unfortunately no longer produced. The inside is similar to a normal Romahome C15 but the sleeping arrangement is across the van rather than along the length.

These little vans are ideal for towing with a small car as the gross weight is only 750kg.

Quite a rare thing now, but so interesting we thought it was worth a mention.

Andy has kindly shared his views on the Romini on our forum and has given his permission for the information to be put here, along with some of his photos.

"The layout inside is well thought out. The seating turns into a double bed, but unlike normal Romahomes or caravans you sleep across the van (Not a recommended purchase if you are over six foot though and like to stretch your legs).

There is a good size 3 way fridge and double burner with grill. Opposite there is a pump tap sink and behind that a hidden full length wardrobe.Under the sink is enough room for a porta potti and plenty of storage under the seating.

It weighs around 375Kg with a gross weight of 750KG.

The bed is about 6 feet across, the whole width of the van and around 41/2 wide at a guess."

There are two Romini Manuals in pdf format to download in our downloads section - Downloads



Other Romini Pictures

A Romini with an awning

Pam's pride and joy

A distinctive paint job

Neily71's unusual model with toilet compartment



Shower Enclosure for Romini or C15 Romahome

If you have ever been camping and there are no showers available here is an ingenious modification which can be used on either a Romini or a C15 Romahome. It was designed by forum member mikeroch. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.




To go with his shower enclosure Mike used a Hozelock Porta Shower which are available on Amazon.

Our thanks to forum member mikeroch for sharing this design.




Romini Video

A short video of a Romini on a campsite.

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