The bathroom had changed slightly a small washbowl has been installed in the corner and the toilet moved to the back wall of the washroom which means that the cassette now has to be accessed through the back doors of the van behind where one of the tables are stored.

Speaking of the tables these have been changed from the Dimension’s rather heavy and bulky tables to smaller and more manageable ones. There are still two tables which can be set up between the driver seat and the rear passenger seat on the offside and on the near side between the front passenger seat and the rear passenger seat, thus possibly seating 4 people.

As with the Dimension there are four travelling seats with belts although only two berths, we find this handy to take our grandchildren but we have to sleep them in a an awning.

There is ample locker storage all around the van at eye level, a large luton, the gas bottles go under the near passenger seat in a lockable compartment, there is room for two 3.5 calor gas bottles. There is a similar lockable compartment under the off side rear passenger seat which will house eberspacher heating if you have it but leaving ample space for more things, we use as a safe to store valuable items.

More storage is supplied under the floor between the back and front seats and this has now been split so you don’t have to take up both beds to get into it, also a small under floor section between the two rear passenger seats. 

Another big improvement on the Dimension is the bathroom door, it used to open outwards which was a real pain but on the R30 a sliding door has been installed which makes a huge difference.

Here is a video of our R30. 

On this page you will find information about the Romahome R30 and links to the following Romahomes: C15 - Duo - Dimension - D20 - R10 - R20 - R25 - R40 -  Quartet - Romini Caravan


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Romahome R30

The R30 superceded the Dimension around 2007 it is based on the latest model Citreon Relay with a 2.2 ltr which we found to be a lot pokier than the Dimension engine, faster acceleration at islands etc.

The vehicle is also slighter longer and wider than its predecessor and a tight fit into our drive through a narrow gate with the Dimension proved almost impossible with the R30 so we had to get a bigger gate.


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