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Some comments from our forum members who have seen it:

Comment one:

The kitchen is right at the back opposite the washroom - as in the Dimension or should I say R30. From the back door - oven and 3-burner hob, sink and workspace. On the opposite side the washroom has a bench cassette toilet and fold up washbasin; this has a sliding door.

The 2 pullman seats convert to settees for lounging. They are 2 forward facing with 3-point seat belts and 2 backward facing with lap belts. Apparently the latter are legal as travel seats.

The whole thing seems quite light and airy with a big Heki roof light and a smaller one with a fan in the kitchen area. The back door has an opening window - to compensate for the lack of a stable door as in the R20.

The way through from the cab is probably manageable, particularly if it is pouring with rain outside!

The bed in the luton is probably best for small people as there is not much headroom, but there is a window there - can't remember if it was opening or not.

We won't be parting with our hard-earned cash as our Dimension suits us very well, but there were lots of people climbing all over it and there was nothing else really comparable at the show. Romahome certainly know how to make the most of every inch of storage space in their vans.

Comment two:

it is a quality van from the usual Romahome finish to the thoughtful touches inside. Some points that came out: the payload is about 360kg 'fully loaded', (not quite sure about that description); the price is £37,995 and this includes a heater as standard equipment, which makes it only about £4,300 more than a Dimension with the optional heater; there are many similarities with the Dimension in layout, particularly the sliding door bathroom and the slide out wardrobe, but now it is two half height pull outs a bit deeper and one above the other; there is a fair bit of overhang from the back wheels and the back door is a substantial unit with opening double (?)glazed window; the cupboards are all moulded and very deep - loadsaspace; the kitchen is to drool for, both in looks and space; there are two vans with different upholstery and fittings making them very different in feel; the carpet is press stud removable; the bed in the roof, as someone said, is probably only useful for children but the moulding makes it light and airy with an offside opening window.

Comment three:

It's certainly long, probably a bit too long for the urban MPV market that the MD was suggesting. But it does have three big pluses, the first being the width, even narrower than the latest batch of panel vans, including the Dimension, smashing for those narrow country lanes and single track roads.

Secondly those six seats. Looking for a panel van conversion with four, 3 point belted seats is hard enough ,(whoever heard of a modern car with only 3 seats?), but a lot of motorhome buyers have children or grandchildren and need those proper seats. The extra two seats are a bonus in that sense, but could come into their own for the school run.

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Romahome R40

The new Romahome R40 was launched at the NEC Motorhome Show in February 2008, its sadly no longer in production.

The R40 is based on the Citroen Dispatch 2.0 hdi, has rear door entry, double pullman seats, shower and toilet.

It seats 6 for travelling and 4 for sleeping. With one double or two single beds made using the seats and a double on the luton area.

Length 5.9m (19' 4") Width 2.1m (6' 10")

Height 2.63m (8' 8")

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