XCP Professional One, Green One, Rust Blocker, Lubricate and Protect


There are four products in the XCP Professional range, XCP Professional One, XCP Professional Green One, XCP Lubricate and Protect and XCP Rust Blocker.


The products are ideal for in the home or to take away with you camping in your van, you never know when you might need them.




XCP Professional One

This is a multi purpose spray which is designed to penetrate, lubricate, displace moisture as well as clean and protect against corrosion and has the benefit of being used and recommended by the Automobile Association (AA).


This is a product that everyone should have with them wherever they are it has a multitude of uses it will quickly loosen and release metal parts and mechanical equipment that are stuck, seized or rusted together, including nuts, bolts, screws, valves etc.


It also displaces water, allowing the "drying out" of electrical short circuits caused by moisture, we've got a can at home and the motorhome for when we are away, it's a great all rounder.


A 400 ml aerosol can is available from Amazon for £4.49, buy one here


Professional Green One

I was a little sceptical about the claims for this product, because very often the trouble with eco friendly products like this is that they are not as good as the non green product but to be honest when I tested it against the traditional XCP One product I could discern no difference in performance. It is basically exactly the same as XCP Professional One but is 99% bio based which will make you feel better about using it.


So if you want a good all round multi purpose spray with proper green credentials then you won't go far wrong with this product.


A 400 ml aerosol can is available from Amazon for £4.99, buy one here


A 500 ml Trigger Bottle is also available for £6.49, buy one here


Professional Rust Blocker

This is a good product to use on anything that is made of steel, metal or alloy that is likely to be affected by rust.


One thing that springs to mind would be tools in the garage, workshop or shed, bikes and motorbikes, fishing tackle etc., in fact anything that is likely to rust. We have folding bikes that we take in our motorhome and when we are on site they are chained to the back of the van a spray of the metal parts with this product will protect from the elements.


It can be sprayed brushed or used for dipping but I found that spraying works fine and is easiest it forms a protective barrier and once dry is provides a non greasy finish the manufacturers say the barrier is long lasting but it's probably as well to repeat the application occasionally.


At the time of writing a 400 ml aerosol can is available from Amazon for £13.99 Buy one here:


A 500 ml Trigger Bottle is also available for £14.99 Buy one here


XCP Professional Lubricate and Protect

This is a lubricating spray that can be used for protection against friction, wear and corrosion, ideal for using on joints, cables, chains, bearings, gears, plulleys, locks, winches, cogs, cranks, axles, power tools etc.


Again the XCP Professional Lubricate and Protect will be ideal for keeping our folding bikes in good condition and for when we want to use them and also for the moving parts on the motorhome such as the door hinges, the side sliding door etc.


A 400 ml aerosol can is available from Amazon for £5.99, buy one here


A 500 ml Trigger Bottle is also available for £7.99, buy one here


The XCP professional range of products can also be bought on line from and B&Q DIY Stores.


Have a look at our video review to see the products in action

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